Ben Stiller – “The Prostate Cancer Test That Saved My Life”

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Ben Stiller Prostate Cancer

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In 2014 actor and director Ben Stiller was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, later that same year he was declared cancer-free. Below I have included some quotes from his amazing and enlightening story about his personal experience with Prostate Cancer and PSA tests in general. Read his autobiographical acount of these events here: The Prostate Cancer Test That Saved My Life

“I got diagnosed with prostate cancer Friday, June 13th, 2014. On September 17th of that year I got a test back telling me I was cancer free.” – Ben Stiller

The bottom line for me: I was lucky enough to have a doctor who gave me what they call a “baseline” PSA test when I was about 46. I have no history of prostate cancer in my family and I am not in the high-risk group, being neither — to the best of my knowledge — of African or Scandinavian ancestry. I had no symptoms.” – Ben Stiller

“Taking the PSA test saved my life. Literally.” – Ben Stiller

Every year, golfers and poker players play in a Sapphire sponsored tournament in the name of charity and we couldn’t be prouder of everyone involved. Truly an incredible event for an incredible cause. Sapphire Foundation for Prostate Cancer has raised over $2 Million to help victims of Prostate Cancer through this tough time in their life.

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